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Sometimes, I get to play with tigers.

I am General Counsel for Forensic Pursuit, LLC and an attorney in private practice. I graduated from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law after three amazing years of vigorous study.  My favorite subjects were Evidence and Trial Advocacy, closely followed by Environmental Law and Property Law.

I love the study and practice of law. I would happily devote my life to it. In fact, I have. 🙂

One of my favorite quotes (and yes, it’s from Spiderman) is “With great power comes great responsibility.” Those of us who work in the legal profession wield a great deal of power. In my time I have been blessed to know passionate and ethical attorneys and judges who work very hard to nurture civility and professionalism in our field. They mentor new attorneys and devote time and energy to insuring they practice ethically, diligently, and compassionately. I love the practice of law because of these great mentors and I hope to follow in their stead.

I am President of the Rhone Brackett Inn of Court, Treasurer of the Southern Plains Land Trust, and I teach CLE classes on the intersection between technology and the law, E-discovery, Electronic Evidence, and Ethics.


3 Responses to About the Author

  1. Charles Lancaster says:

    Pink Floyd, how profound. The information you presented made it easiy to grasp the ‘tricky little rule.” Thank you Professor

  2. Charles Lancaster says:


  3. Karen Vaughn says:

    I am studying for the bar exam right now and this has been a GREAT help to me. I just wish you would have continued so youcould explain hearsay exceptions and how certain thngs come in or stay out. Your discussion is much more straight forward than most everything I have been reading.

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