Free CLE in your office!

Understanding ESI, E-Discovery, and Forensics

1 Hr CLE Ad

Forensic Pursuit is pleased to announce that we are once again offering our one hour in-house CLE on E-Discovery and Computer Forensics.

Our experts will join your team in the comfort of your own conference room to offer our knowledge in the following areas:

  • E-discovery and Computer Forensics 
    • What’s the difference? 
  • Electronically stored information
    • CRCP Definitions 
    • Obligations to Preserve and Produce 
  • Preservation and legal hold formats
  • Locations of potentially relevant data
  • Legally defensible data preservation
  • Chain of Custody
  • Deleted Data and Slack Space
  • Securing the image
    • Bit-Stream Evidentiary Images 
    • Digital DNA – Image Verification and Original Evidence Preservation
    • Relevancy, Privacy, and Admissibility Issues 

Call us at 303-495-2082 or email to schedule your session today!

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